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2 x Hand sanitiser Foam Hand Gel Bacterial Hand protection

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600ml bottle professional hand Cleaner, this is professional Foam. Help reduce the spread of germs, viruses, bacteria. Kills germs and protects from picking up bugs left on surfaces, no water required. Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and comes in a pump style bottle. Clinically Proven with long lasting protection. 

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Brand: Sovereign

Savage 3 pack Air Sanitiser Designer Air Freshener Sovereign

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3 Pack of Designer Savage air Freshener Sanitiser. Turbojet air freshener suitable for offices, homes and most popularly used for car valeting. Beautifully long lasting Designer Fragrance, these still smell for weeks on end after application - One of the most impressive car and office air fresheners on the market, checkout our other listings for various...

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Large Union Jack Flag UK Great Britain sports flag 3ft x 5ft

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These Union Jack UK flags are perfect for various uses and ideal for clubs around the country or even just a decoration. Each flag measures 150cm long and 90cm high, Approx. Just under 3 x 5ft. Each flag has two brass eyes for attachment to poles and string with ease. Suitable for all Weathers.

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