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Reference: wireluesszanc

Wireless Ear Buds Zanco Bluetooth Ear Pods EarPhones

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These new Wireless ear Buds from Zanco are absolutely awesome! Bluetooth enabled, built in Microphone for hands free talking with 3-6 Hours talk time!  Listen to your music with no wires, these look pretty sweet in the ear. Each pack contains 2 earphones also known as 'power buds' a charging cable, instruction manual and a case to charge them in.

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Reference: jam1n

Jam1n Zanco HeadPhones bluetooth earphones Wireless Ear Buds

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These new Bluetooth earphones from Zanco are absolutely superb with crisp clear sound, you can feel the bass pumping. With only one wire attached to keep both earphones connected to each other, these wrap behind your neck perfectly. Featuring Bluetooth 4.2 these connect to any Bluetooth enabled device such as iOS and Android / tablet, mobile or computer /...

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